Allison Pool, RN, BSN, PTC

Clinical Coordinator ● Family Care Coordinator ● Referral Response Coordinator ● Intake Overflow Coordinator ● Organ Allocation Coordinator ● Organ Offer Triage Coordinator

 Allison has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, as well as Nursing. She is a Registered Nurse who has provided patient care for 17 years and has served the procurement and transplant community since 2013. Allison was introduced to her calling through her nursing position in a transplant ICU. Her passion ultimately led her to organ recovery in one of the busiest donor hospitals in the country. Her passion for donor’s and their families was an asset to the industry and an inspiration to her colleagues. She has served in various roles within OPO’s such as family services, donor management, allocation, training, and clinical supervisor. Allison resides in Texas with her husband and three children.


“I am inspired by the selfless act of those I serve. It’s a privilege to work in the donation and transplantation community. I plan to dedicate my time and talents to this work for many years to come.”

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