Reginal King Jr., CST

Surgical Services Coordinator - Intake Overflow Coordinator
Reggie has been in the OPO world for 3 years, starting in the call center & working his way up to Team Lead. While working in the call center. He was inspired to go to Surgical Tech school. He graduated as Vice President of his class & went on to work for Houston Methodist as a Certified Surgical Technician. While at Methodist he was a part of the Liver Transplant Team, and also worked in General & Neuro specialties. Reggie has mad his way back to the OPO world working in Organ Recovery & Perfusion. His dedication, compassion & teamwork will make him a great asset to LifeGiving Resources.
As the son of a heart recipient, I know first hand what the family is going through. It is this reason why I have chosen to pursue a career in donation. So that I can help with donor family’s gifts & recipients getting a second chance at life. This career path gives me a chance to give back to the many communities we serve, and also honor the donor families. Especially the donor family that gave my father a second chance at life.



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