Courtney Kazan, RN, BSN

Clinical Coordinator ● Family Care Coordinator ● Referral Response Coordinator ● Intake Overflow Coordinator ● Organ Allocation Coordinator ● Organ Offer Triage Coordinator
Courtney has been a Registered Nurse for six years and a dedicated compassionate clinical coordinator for the past four. Courtney is an asset to her colleagues and donor family’s. Her warmth and compassion is unparalleled in this industry. Her work ethic and support for all those she comes in contact with leaves an indelible mark on those she influences. She is a tireless advocate for organ donation

“Hello! My name is Courtney Kazan. I am excited to join Life Giving Resources! In the last four years, my love for being a coordinator has grown with every shift that I work. My passion for this job comes from the continuous support I can provide to donor families both during the process and after. Building hospital relationships through donor management and education, as well as being able to precept new coordinators within my current OPO has given me an opportunity to grow and change within the transplant world. I feel honored to optimize the gifts of all the generous individuals who’ve made the choice to be a hero in the lives of others through organ donation. I currently reside in Fort Worth, Texas. In my spare time, I love going on walks with my English Bulldog, volunteering in my community, and spending time with my family. I look forward to working with you through all the opportunities that Life-Giving Resources presents!”


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