Christina Pippin, RN, CCRN, CPTC

Clinical Coordinator ● Family Care Coordinator ● Referral Response Coordinator ● Intake Overflow Coordinator ● Organ Allocation Coordinator ● Organ Offer Triage Coordinator

In January 2007, after fighting for nearly a year for the opportunity, Christina became one of the first non-directed living kidney donors in the country in an intimate tribute to her aunt who died of renal failure at the untimely age of 31. In March 2007, two months after donating her kidney, she channeled her passion for donation through her nursing career as a Procurement Transplant Coordinator.

She has served the procurement and transplant industry for 13 years. During that time, she has served in supervisory roles and explored the culture of various OPOs through her experience as an independent contractor.

Christina has also worked as a Liver Transplant Coordinator with Methodist Dallas Liver Institute. Her passion and leadership in the organ donation and transplant industry is illustrated through many career accomplishments and speaking engagements. She was honored for her work with LifeGift with the Dr. Charles Van Buren Award for Excellence in Organ and Tissue Donation in 2018. Christina received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Bevill State Community College and post graduate work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Christina resides in Fort Worth, Texas with her four beautiful children, Caleb, Kammie, Clayton, and Colton.

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My Why:

When we turn on the news, we hear of all the negative and devastating things that are happening in the world. I have the honor to witness what most never see.  Through my calling in this industry, I have been blessed to work with the BEST that humanity has to offer through the lives of those who have loved and lost, but haven’t lost their capacity for love. That selfless generosity has inspired my life. When I help others heal, the love inside of me grows. That’s the Gift behind the Gift of Life. The Mother of one of my donors told me that I was the best part of their family’s worst day.  What an honor that was.  All other career accomplishments paled in comparison to that moment because that’s why I’m here… to serve as a steward of love, light and healing. 

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