Darlene Mauro, CFD

Family Care Coordinator ● Referral Response Coordinator
Darlene Mauro feels a special calling to work with grieving families and has channeled that passion into a career in helping those families transform their devastating losses into generous gifts of life. Having suffered grave losses of her own, she understands that grief and loss are immutable facts of life. After raising her three children, she went to school to obtain her mortician’s license, and was vice president of her mortuary science class at Cypress College. Upon graduating in 2001, she worked as a mortician for 4 years before realizing her true calling was in organ and tissue donation–assisting those who are coping with loss while helping others live. Darlene has made many lifelong friends with the families she has served in California, Texas, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Kentucky; and she is frequently humbled by their generosity and gratitude during some of their darkest times. Her empathy for her families and knowledge of organ and tissue donation have only grown in the 15 years since she joined this profession, and Darlene has had the highest consent rate of any family service coordinator in the country for 9 of those years. Darlene is grateful for the opportunity to have influenced so many lives for the better and hopes to continue to inspire others to save lives, as well.
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“As a family service coordinator, I choose, every day, to embrace something larger than myself. I make it my duty to hold space for the pain of others, while offering hope to those who seek it. It is my sincerest wish to inspire the grief-stricken to make the difficult, selfless decision to donate life to those hopeful to be saved, and to support them in their decision.”

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