1. We pay our team members within 72 hours of assignment completion.  We all have households to support and other financial obligations to meet, and we cannot properly focus on the task at hand with a positive attitude if we are worried about when, or even if, we are going to be paid.
  2. We issue every Team Member High Quality Attire (Scrubs, Lab Coat, & Backpack) through our Corporate Partnership with Allheart.  All uniforms are properly branded and professionally embroidered with the Life Giving Resources Logo, the Team Member’s Name, and corresponding credentials.  Because we know when we look good, we feel good… and when we look professional, we act professionally.
  3. We provide 24-Hour On-Call Guidance and Support for our Team Members to assist with problems and/or challenges while on assignment.  We want them to know they are part of an amazing team that supports them.  Because “TEAM” means we are never alone.
  4. We have developed an exclusive Performance-Based Feedback, Recognition, & Compensation Program.  Because we know that positive behavior that gets recognized, appreciated, and rewarded gets repeated.
  5. As an ABTC Approved Provider and CertPATH Partner, we train and prepare our Team Members for Board Certification, pay for licensure examinations, and provide training and development in all 3 CEPTC Categories to ensure that team members meet the Continuing Education requirements necessary to maintain their credentials.