Organ procurement organization (OPO), best practices.

There are currently 59 organ procurement organizations (OPOs) in the United States which serve their assigned geographic areas with variable productivity. Knowledge of organizational characteristics, programs and practices of more successful OPOs may be useful to increase the productivity of less successful OPOs. A preliminary survey of all OPO executive directors in the United States […]

Organ Procurement Organizations

Name Location Key PersonnelCenter Phone Region ALOB – Legacy of Hope Birmingham, AL Administrative Director – Chris B Meeks Medical Director – Devin E Eckhoff 205-731-92003AROR – Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency Little Rock, AR Administrative Director – Alan J Cochran Medical Director – Gary W Barone 501-907-91503AZOB – Donor Network of Arizona Phoenix, AZ Administrative Director – Timothy […]

Organ Procurement Organizations

Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) are not-for-profit organizations responsible for recovering organs from deceased donors for transplantation in the U.S. There are 58 OPOs, each mandated by federal law to perform this life-saving mission in their assigned donation service area.

Get The Most Out Of Work

Connect With Coworkers No matter how tech-oriented we become, relationships are still the backbone of job satisfaction and workplace morale. In fact, “a Gallup study showed that having close friends at work can “boost satisfaction by 50% and that people with a best friend at work were up to seven times more engaged.” That’s why it’s a good […]