Get The Most Out Of Work

Connect With Coworkers

No matter how tech-oriented we become, relationships are still the backbone of job satisfaction and workplace morale. In fact, “a Gallup study showed that having close friends at work can “boost satisfaction by 50% and that people with a best friend at work were up to seven times more engaged.”

That’s why it’s a good idea to spend a little time communicating with your coworkers. This isn’t to say that you spend an extended period of time gossiping or engaging in idle chatter. But it’s good to greet the team and strive to build relationships.

Skim Over Email

You’ll hear countless productivity experts say that you should avoid checking your email right off the bat. But let’s be honest. Most of us are going to do it anyway, and often it’s important for keeping things running smoothly. The trick here isn’t to avoid email entirely during your first hour.

It’s to simply skim over it rather than diving in headfirst to the point that you’re spending the bulk of your first-hour sending and responding to emails. Just focus on what’s important and save the rest for later.

Life Giving Resources

Life Giving Resources

With more than a decade of experience in procurement, transplantation, education, and consulting our team at LGR understands the challenges of the community we serve. Our vision is to provide critical resources through world class service and unparalleled professionalism. 

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