Organ Procurement Organizations

Location Key PersonnelCenter Phone Region ALOB – Legacy of Hope Birmingham, AL

Administrative Director – Chris B Meeks
Medical Director – Devin E Eckhoff

205-731-92003AROR – Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency Little Rock, AR

Administrative Director – Alan J Cochran
Medical Director – Gary W Barone

501-907-91503AZOB – Donor Network of Arizona Phoenix, AZ

Administrative Director – Timothy C Brown
Medical Director – Ritu Khanna

602-222-22005CAOP – OneLegacy Los Angeles, CA

Administrative Director – Thomas Mone
Medical Director – Gabriel M Danovitch

213-229-56005CASD – Lifesharing – A Donate Life Organization San Diego, CA

Administrative Director – Lisa M Stocks
Medical Director – Mita M Shah

619-54372255CADN – Donor Network West San Ramon, CA

Administrative Director – Janice F Whaley
Administrative Director – change pending
Medical Director – Waldo Concepcion

888-570-94005CAGS – Sierra Donor Services West Sacramento, CA

Administrative Director – Sean F Van Slyck
Medical Director – Timothy E Albertson

916-567-16005CORS – Donor Alliance Denver, CO

Administrative Director – Sue Dunn
Medical Director – Melissa A Greenwald

303-329-47478FLUF – LifeQuest Organ Recovery Services Gainesville, FL

Administrative Director – Danielle L Balbis
Medical Director – Richard J Howard

352-733-03503FLFH – OurLegacy Maitland, FL

Administrative Director – Virginia(Ginny) T McBride
Medical Director – Robert A Metzger

407-543-41003FLMP – Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency  Miami, FL

Administrative Director – Alghidak (Sam) Salama
Medical Director – Hani P Grewal

305-243-76223FLWC – LifeLink of Florida Tampa, FL

Administrative Director – Liz Lehr
Medical Director – Charles E Wright

813-253-26403GALL – LifeLink of Georgia Norcross, GA

Administrative Director – Dustin T Diggs
Medical Director – Thomas C Pearson

770-225-54653HIOP – Legacy of Life Hawaii Honolulu, HI

Administrative Director – Leonard A Licina
Medical Director – Makoto Ogihara

808-599-76306IAOP – Iowa Donor Network North Liberty, IA

Administrative Director – Suzanne Lane Conrad
Medical Director – Lois J Geist

319-665-37878ILIP – Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network Itasca, IL

Administrative Director – J. Kevin Cmunt
Medical Director – Martin D Jendrisak

630-758-26007INOP – Indiana Donor Network Indianapolis, IN

Administrative Director – Kellie K Hanner
Medical Director – Tim E Taber

317-685-038910MWOB – Midwest Transplant Network Westwood, KS

Administrative Director – Jan Finn
Medical Director – Harry E Wilkins III

913-262-16688KYDA – Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates Louisville, KY

Administrative Director – Julie Bergin
Medical Director – Glen A Franklin

502-581-951111LAOP – Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency Covington, LA

Administrative Director – Kelly Ranum
Medical Director – Ian C Carmody

504-837-33553MAOB – New England Organ BankWaltham, MA

Administrative Director – Alexandra K Glazier
Medical Director – Francis L Delmonico

617-244-80001CTOP – LifeChoice Donor ServicesWaltham, MA

Administrative Director – Alexandra K Glazier
Medical Director – George S Lipkowitz

860-286-31201MDPC – The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland Baltimore, MD

Administrative Director – Charles E Alexander
Medical Director – Nader M Habashi

410-242-70002MIOP – Gift of Life Michigan Ann Arbor, MI

Administrative Director – Dorrie A Dils
Medical Director – Jeffrey D Punch

866-500-580110MNOP – LifeSource Upper Midwest Organ Procurement Organization Minneapolis, MN

Administrative Director – Susan Gunderson
Medical Director – William D Payne

612-800-61007MOMA – Mid-America Transplant Services St Louis, MO

Administrative Director – Diane Brockmeier
Medical Director – Gary Marklin

314-367-67678MSOP – Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency Flowood, MS

Administrative Director – M. Kevin Stump
Medical Director – Shirley D Schlessinger

601-933-10003NCCM – LifeShare Carolinas Charlotte, NC

Administrative Director – Michael Daniels
Medical Director – Michael W Haley

704-512-330311NCNC – Carolina Donor Services Greenville, NC

Administrative Director – Danielle Niedfeldt
Medical Director – Nancy Knudsen

252-757-009011NEOR – Live On Nebraska Omaha, NE

Administrative Director – Kyle R Herber
Medical Director – Alexander T Maskin

402-733-18008NJTO – New Jersey Organ and Tissue Sharing Network OPO New Providence, NJ

Administrative Director – Joseph S Roth
Medical Director – John S Radomski

908-516-54002NMOP – New Mexico Donor Services Albuquerque, NM

Administrative Director – Wayne A Dunlap
Medical Director – change pending

505-843-76725NVLV – Nevada Donor Network Las Vegas, NV

Administrative Director – Joseph M Ferreira
Medical Director – Guang Tsai

702-796-96005NYAP – Center for Donation and Transplant Albany, NY

Administrative Director – Michael R Thibault
Medical Director – David J Conti

518-262-56069NYRT – LiveOnNY New York, NY

Administrative Director – Helen M Irving
Medical Director – change pending

646-291-44449NYFL – Finger Lakes Donor Recovery Network Rochester, NY

Administrative Director – Robert T Gruenenfelder
Medical Director – David M Landsberg

585-272-49309NYWN – Upstate New York Transplant Services Inc Williamsville, NY

Administrative Director – Mark J Simon
Medical Director – Wayne R Waz

716-529-43009OHOV – LifeCenter Organ Donor Network Cincinnati, OH

Administrative Director – Barry Massa
Medical Director – E. Steve Woodle

513-558-555510OHLB – Lifebanc Cleveland, OH

Administrative Director – Gordon R Bowen
Medical Director – Daniel J Lebovitz

216-752-543310OHLP – Lifeline of Ohio Columbus, OH

Administrative Director – G. Kent Holloway
Medical Director – Caleb G Mackey

614-291-566710OHLC – Life Connection of Ohio Maumee, OH

Administrative Director – Matthew D Wadsworth
Medical Director – Alyssa J Gans

419-893-489110OKOP – LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma Oklahoma City, OK

Administrative Director – Jeffrey P Orlowski
Medical Director – Ronald A Squires

405-840-55514ORUO – Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank Portland, OR

Administrative Director – Craig Van De Walker
Medical Director – Viken Douzdjian

503-494-55606PADV – Gift of Life Donor Program Philadelphia, PA

Administrative Director – Howard M Nathan
Medical Director – Michael J Moritz

215-557-80902PATF – Center for Organ Recovery and Education Pittsburgh, PA

Administrative Director – Susan A Stuart
Medical Director – Matthew R Morrell

412-963-35502PRLL – LifeLink of Puerto Rico Guaynabo, PR

Administrative Director – Guillermina Sanchez
Medical Director – Luis A Morales

787-277-09003SCOP – We Are Sharing Hope SC Charleston, SC

Administrative Director – G. David DeStefano
Medical Director – Rick Foster

843-763-775511TNMS – Mid-South Transplant Foundation Cordova, TN

Administrative Director – Kim G Van Frank
Medical Director – Santiago R Vera

901-328-443811TNDS – Tennessee Donor Services Nashville, TN

Administrative Director – Jill M Grandas
Medical Director – H. Keith Johnson

615-234-525111TXSB – Southwest Transplant Alliance Dallas, TX

Administrative Director – Patricia Niles
Medical Director – Jeffrey C Reese

214-522-02554TXGC – LifeGift Organ Donation Center Houston, TX

Administrative Director – Kevin A Myer
Medical Director – R. Patrick Wood

800-633-65624TXSA – Texas Organ Sharing Alliance San Antonio, TX

Administrative Director – Joseph F Nespral
Medical Director – Luke Y Shen

210-614-70304UTOP – DonorConnect Murray, UT

Administrative Director – Tracy C Schmidt
Medical Director – Diane Alonso

801-521-17555DCTC – Washington Regional Transplant Community Falls Church, VA

Administrative Director – Lori E Brigham
Medical Director – Carlos Fernandez-Bueno

703-641-01002VATB – LifeNet Health Virginia Beach, VA

Administrative Director – Todd Hubler
Medical Director – Avinash Agarwal

757-464-476111WALC – LifeCenter Northwest Bellevue, WA

Administrative Director – Kevin J O’Connor
Medical Director – Michael J Souter

425-201-65636WIUW – UW Health Organ and Tissue Donation Madison, WI

Administrative Director – Michael E Anderson
Medical Director – Anthony M D’Alessandro

608-265-03567WIDN – Versiti Wisconsin, Inc Milwaukee, WI

Administrative Director – Colleen McCarthy
Medical Director – change pending


Life Giving Resources

Life Giving Resources

With more than a decade of experience in procurement, transplantation, education, and consulting our team at LGR understands the challenges of the community we serve. Our vision is to provide critical resources through world class service and unparalleled professionalism. 

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